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    XAMthone Herbal- medicines for HIV and CANCER

    HIV / AIDS  herbal remedies

                                                                                                                              Now in Indonesia, a magic herbal medicines that can fight HIV / AIDS on a regular basis is found. Xamthone plus has it”s  name. Produced from the whole mangosteen fruit, not only flesh but the whole skin. By using high tech machines xanthone substances that exist in the skin of the mangosteen fruit is taken. Xanthones are substances in the skin of the mangosteen fruit,has  the highest content of antioxidant compared to other fruits from around the world.According to Dr. Ir Raffi Paramawati, M. Si, from the Center for Development of Agricultural Mechanization, all fruits contain antioxidants, but the highest antioxidant content is mangosteen and only present in it’s skin. He further said that not all antioxidants present in fruits are curing the disease, in contrast to mangosteen, mangosteen antioxidants can cure various diseases.
    The incredible mangosteen fruit is accommodated to a company that has 20 years experience  producing food and health drinks, Xamthone plus gives it’s birth. Since its presence,  xamthone plus has helped cure various dangerous diseases, one is HIV / AIDS.  A consultant with HIV / AIDS in Bandung testify confidently that xamthone plus has saved 88 lives, nine of which have entered the stage of AIDS.Similar testimony is also expressed by H. Ki Ageng S. Dewantara, a herbal therapist who practiced in Bali asserted that since he uses xamthone plus for patients with HIV / AIDS, he has 4 people healed and medically proven. The average period of the process leading to his recovery is under 1 year. Mas Kurnadi also testify of the wonders of xamthone plus-heal the sick with HIV / AIDS. A young man who had given up hope of his life because he was said to live only a month more due to HIV / AIDS. After drinking xamthone for 1 year , now the young man  live healthy and long life.The stories of healing people with HIV / AIDS which is retold by the people mentioned above, and they were all cured is because of drinking xamthone plus, no surprise. Indeed healings are God’s saving work, interfering hands, miracles and His love is so great for humans. God has presented xamthone plus for people with HIV / AIDS and people with heart disease, breast cancer, lymph node cancer, diabetes, stroke, stress, Alzheimer’s, mystenia gravis, etc..You Believe it or not? You can prove yourself and  trust it. Healthy Regards xamthone plus. From various sources.NOT JUST TURN THE RECOGNITION OF HIV THERAPY EXPERTS AIDS , BUT HAD TO PROVE THAT THE RESEARCH Xanthones AMPUM eradicate HIV VIRUS REPLICATION ,the diseases caused by viral infection and many people fear that there was no cure for HIV / AIDS.   HIV is a disease that attacks the human immune system. Mangostin xamthone contained in the skin of the mangosteen has been proven- able to inhibit HIV viral replication cycle (Vliettinck, 1998)The results (Vlietinck, 1998) strenghtening  previous studies conducted in China that also concluded that mangosteen peel extract shows potential in inhibiting HIV-1 protease which affects HIV replication (Chen et al., 1996) It seems that the mechanism of action different from xanthone antretroviral drugs (ARVs) ,taken from   mangosteen  to quell the disease, Dr. Ir Authorship Raffi Paramawati, M,Sc. Proven Xamthone Plus Able To Treat HIV / AIDS, as where he says a Counseling Adviser STI / HIV / AIDS and BCC (Behavior Changes Communication) Services based in Bandung, West Java, has proven efficacy,  xamthone plus is able to treat people with HIV / Aids. On each occasion the HIV couseling said proudly in front of seminars and forums with the presence of highlights that,it was very helpful, xamthone plus save people with HIV / AIDS- to live longer and reasonable as any other human being who does not suffer from the disease.
    When attending events xamthone plus, some time ago, USB News reporter interviewed him about his work was in helping people with HIV / Aids both in Bandung and Jakarta and major cities throughout Indonesia with transmission rates of HIV / Aids is high.According to his speech, this time he was helping the sufferers of HIV / Aids, among others, a family in Pati, Central Java, two fathers in Surabaya, East Java, 7 people in Bandung, a man in Padang, West Sumatra, one person in Pekanbaru , Riau, 7 people in Jakarta, one person in Ambon, Maluku and 2 people in Papua.Special patients from Padang has its own story. According to Franklin, the sufferer from Padang is now entering stage 4 and nearly has had its death when he  arrived. “Every time he call me again say he suddenly passed out, woke up, then phone again, passed out again, up again, call again, but I still ordered to  drink xamthone plus. And the fact that now he was able to play indoor soccer, working back and live like human beings who are not suffering from HIV / Aids. He will also fly from Padang to Jakarta to attend a seminar held by the Foundation of AIDS, Before using xamthone plus in treating patients with HIV / Aids, the True Founder of the Foundation Priangan it recognizes the safety of the patients with HIV / Aids is very low. “The average age of less than 10 years of their lives, even only up to three years of their lives,” said activist HIV / Aids . “After drinking xamthone plus, they have hope of living forever because the problem is already finished one of HIV / Aids,” he continued.With 18 years experience in the field of handling people with HIV / Aids or OHIDA, Franklin was convinced by the efficacy xamthone plus. “I declare, just 15 minutes the first time drinking xamthone plus the patient has felt the change, even consume a botlle they can notice, such as good eating, good sleep, no more diarrhea and nausea no longer,” continued the man who never talked about HIV / Aids in front of some ministers and members of the RI House of Representatives in charge of health.Franklin uses  xamthone plus precisely in 2009 and to this day the number of people with HIV / Aids who were helped more and more. He also said, since there is xamthone plus, he’s no longer deliver chemical drugs to the patient, just only xamthone plus  , and if necessary, he can add to it with the white saffron honey, honey digestibility and mulberry tea.In his conversation with USB News reporter, he also assumes, if only the patients with HIV / Aids have 10 million rupiah to buy xamthone plus, then finished already. Much cheaper than the cost estimated by the WHO, the UN health agency to be incurred by a person with HIV / Aids in the fight against the disease. It takes about 360 million dollars per patient to survive until they die, meaning that the cost of treatment and therapy of all kinds.The patients who consumed  xamthone plus come from various backgrounds and various age levels. Keep in mind that the body of a person suffering from HIV / Aids, every day growing 10 000 viruses that attack the body’s immune system and it should be inhibited as soon as possible, because otherwise it would very quickly causing death, maximum of 3 years times. And according to Franklin, herbs that can quickly kill the viruses only xamthone plus and it’s been proven. Not only does it kill viruses, but also rebuilding the body’s immune system-torn beaten by the deadly virus.How to drink doesn’t need to follow the rules listed on the bottle  or brochures of xamthone plus, drink like we drink water. Franklin had a dream of someday Indonesia without HIV / Aids and with xamthone plus, hopefully his dream come true. Start Living Healthy with xamthone plus.KPN. Start Living Healthy with xamthone plus. …..Take ACTION now !           .Those who want to get Xamthone Plus  just send massages to this phone number ===> +6285364365457                 In the message, write —-> Xamthone # number of items # your name # adress      or   send e-mail  to ===>                                                                        example of writing message or email  ===>   xamthone # 6 bottles # zulmaini # Jln Kijang Lama,RT/RW – 02 / 05   Tanjungpinang ,Kepri.INDONESIA                        We will answer your message informing you the  prices of items and how to transfer the payment . Orders wil be sent to   your home or office as payment is made.                                     


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